Stagiair bij Nordian

About Nordian

Nordian is an Amsterdam based PE with a focus on sustainable growth. We work with a result oriented and ambitious team while maintaining an informal company culture. We love our work, but don’t take ourselves too serious and we find it equally important to enjoy our life outside of work.

We invest in Dutch based healthy and growing ‘MKB’ companies throughout all sectors. Portfolio companies include: MYLAPS, Corrosion, Jumpsquare and De Isolatieshop. Although we have no sector focus, we are most enthusiastic about companies with a technical or sustainble angle – niche champions with a clear distinctive value and long-term growth potential.


Job description

From the moment you start your internship, you are a real part of the team (similar to an analyst). That means that you are included in all team meetings where other analysts or associates are also included. You will have access to all information that others team members can also see and you are free to ask about anything that is on your mind – be it job related or a personal matter. We strongly believe that this way of working ensures that you get the most out of this internship.

As in intern, you will be mainly focused on new investments. This includes both i) sourcing (finding new investment opportunities) and ii) deal processes (once the opportunity has been found or a deal process starts, investigating whether it is an interesting opportunity for Nordian, commercially/strategically, financially, legally, and so on).